CAP moving forward: In pursuit of strengthening the development of the regional and national beekeeping, the CAP continues making alliances to further develop its project

The Cooperativa de Trabajo Apícola Pampero Ltda.(CAP) was founded in 2012, with the purpose of being an organization of beekeepers for the beekeepers. Throughout the multidisciplinary work, its project is focused in the development of technological innovation that strengthen the activity and works on its weaknesses. This work is made with the support or the beekeepers of the region, that are grouped geographically and are part of the Pampero Beekeepers Chamber. From now then, the CAP is moving forward

‘We receive feedback from all around the world asking for our product’ tells Gabriel Gómez, Sales Chief Officer of the CAP.

That lead to the development of products like Aluen CAP®; the first organic acaricide with results never seen before in beekeeping. Not only it leaves the hive clean from toxic waste, but also free from mites>/strong>, improving the economics of the beekeeper.

This product is sold since 2016, being recognized all around the world: it was presented at the 45th Apimondia Congress to hundreds of beekeepers in the biggest conference room in the exposition.

The Government is present

From the increasing demand of the product and the management optimization, the CAP with the financial aid from the Instituto Nacional de Asociativismo y Economía Social (INAES) began a project to realize our own headquarters to produce Aluen CAP®.

The previously mentioned institution, whose president Marcelo Collomb, granted a subsidy to realize the construction, that the CAP is taking forward with great effort and commitment. A construction that means the possibility of providing the whole world with the most expected treatment for beekeeping, that complies the highest standards, looking for automatization of the productive line in search of efficiency.

It’s a symbol of concrete growing, where the development and the support from the Government is of great need, because it not only means a financial aid but also a boost to the national beekeeping, that’s always in search of growing and strengthening, even trough the difficulties.

The project is so important than the President Mauricio Macri showed his support through a message showing that great things are being accomplished in the beekeeping in Argentina.

“Without the support from the Government, it’d been hard to us to arrive to where we are. It’s clear the every one of us takes the project with commitment and effort and it’s great that the Government takes it in consideration and supports us” tells Elian Tourn, President of the CAP.

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